Wireless Charger Guide

What to look for in a wireless charger:

  • Compatibility – Will the wireless charger support your device. Different chargers are made with different standards and technologies which need to align with your device to safely charge your device.
  • Speed – To ensure you get a maximum charging performance ensure that you make the most of the latest wireless charging technologies by choosing a wireless charger carefully.
  • Cost – If you know where to look you can get wireless chargers for around £15. Thats a huge reduction from some wireless chargers on the market. You will buying something as good if not better for a lot less cash!
  • Shapes and sizes – You can in fact buy many different shapes and sizes of wireless charger. For example, you can get car holders which offer wireless charging (neat hey?). Simply put in in the car holder in your windscreen which remains connecting to the power so you can quickly drop in and get on the road!